Start Planner

Kristy Dickerson’s planners help you balance all facets of today’s modern world.

By Kim Williamson


Kristy Dickerson always said she’d never have her own business. The daughter of two entre-preneurs, she saw firsthand the endless work and long hours that came with business owner-ship. Fast forward to 2007 when Kristy left her corporate job to care for her husband, Jeremy, who was going through some serious health issues. The next year, Kristy started her own photography business and she and her husband (who had overcome his medical problems) welcomed their first son. Over the next several years, their family grew and Kristy began speaking publicly about some of the struggles and challenges she’d faced.

It was in 2015 when Kristy starting working on her idea to create a book. She wanted something that helped others learn work/life balance and that incorporated the principles on which she’d been speaking. Friend and graphic designer Jenny Grumbling stepped in to help and together, they launched the business, STARTplanner.

So, what is STARTplanner? It is a line of planners – not just day planners but more like life planners – that help you balance all facets of today’s modern world. These planners allow clients to focus on not just one area of life – like work or the kids’ activity schedules – but to incorporate it all: fitness, finance, spirituality, grocery shopping, errands, personal goals and more. Helping others achieve balance – in theory, the concept sounds fairly simple but in today’s hectic, fast-paced world it is, in fact, much more complicated. To successfully develop this product line, Kristy brought to the table her own struggles, stresses and yes, even guilt, that came with trying to do it all as Mom, Business Owner and Wife. Her life experience has been invaluable in not only making her an inspirational speaker but also in her entrepreneurial endeavors in developing STARTplanner.

Kristy has been thrilled with STARTplanner’s success, and the company has flourished, even gaining national coverage in publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and While Kristy is proud of these accomplishments, it’s knowing how STARTplanner has positively impacted so many women that really makes her beam. True to her character and personality, Kristy has not just sat back and watched these successes roll in. “I grew up in Cumming and although it has changed drastically, the small town vibe and the community is still very much the same. . . . I couldn’t think of a better community [in which] to raise a family, grow STARTplanner . . . give back and impact lives.”

And impact lives she has. Kristy’s passionate about giving back to the nonprofits in the city where she grew up. Last year, she visited her alma mater, Forsyth Central High School and spoke to students. Her presentation culminated in giving away 200 planners to students involved in the Mentor Me North Georgia program. She has also visited The Place of Forsyth County and donated another 200+ planners.

Kristy Dickerson and STARTplanner are here to stay. They have acquired a dedicated online community, including both Instagram followers and a Facebook group. In February 2017, STARTplanner introduced their latest and greatest product, the Happily Hitched Planner, a tool to help brides plan and manage every aspect of this very hectic time in their lives. Kristy completely believes and continually preaches that individuals have the ability to do anything they want. “Inspiring others to live intentionally is what gets me up every morning,” says Kristy. “We thrive knowing that we are making an impact in people’s lives. Women are losing weight, finding balance, getting out of debt, feeling content and finding success.”

There is a quote by an unknown author that says, “organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true.” Kristy Dickerson and her team at STARTplanner are helping people do just that!

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