Restored to Purpose

“Don’t confuse losing confidence in your ability and losing confidence in God’s.” ~ Polly Herron

By Polly Herrin


I absolutely love the show Fixer Upper with hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines. Their ever increasing popularity comes from taking run down, dilapidated, homes in Waco, Texas and revitalizing them. It’s intoxicating to watch this process and see something so visibly damaged be transformed and enjoyed for decades to come.

I learned a valuable lesson when I was hired as the assistant to the President for a successful customized home builder in Atlanta. I sat in many partnership and planning meetings, all of which were essential to building well. I can’t emphasize how many times I heard my boss or another builder within our company say, “We start with the sticks and bricks, and when we get it right there first, we get it right everywhere.” They were referring to the most important parts of building a home: the foundation and framing. Unless a building is supported by a well laid foundation and structurally strong frame, it will deteriorate over time.

We too can expect to risk the same consequences when we forfeit the planning and intentionality it takes to build in our own lives.

Have you ever felt there was an area in your life in ruins? Something that needed repair as a result of neglect or poor building? Have you ever written off a relationship as “condemned” or “irreparable”? It’s true there are times we want to bulldoze right over that decaying situation and move on, but in reality, there is still hope in places we’ve discarded as impossible.

Chip and Joanna have beautifully demonstrated the ful-fillment that comes when we restore something to its original purpose. God wants to do the same thing in areas of your life, where you feel it’s beyond repair.

  • He’s not only the answer to a thousand needs, He is the answer to a thousand wants.
  • He is generous in taking what we have left over and giving us more than we desire.
  • He’s a restorer of what the enemy tried to demolish.
  • And He can do the impossible with the faith you have to believe.

God sees your ending from the beginning, and His plan for your life hasn’t changed; it’s always been a good plan! (Jeremiah 29:11)

In your season of rebuilding and loving laboriously, don’t you dare give up!

Stop planning how you can bulldoze over the chaos and instead refocus on the potential. Invite the Master Builder to restore, redeem, renew, and rebuild in your life.

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” –Matthew 19:26 (NIV)


Polly Herrin is Co-Pastor at The Bridge Community Church in Buford, Georgia. She is a conference speaker, and the director of Flourish Ministry. She has held positions on both local and state ministry boards in Maryland, Florida and Georgia. She and her husband Torrey, have two children and have served in full-time ministry for 23 years.