Home Trends

It’s that time of the year when you start looking around the house and you want a little change. We gather beautiful images from Pinterest, magazines and tv shows showing us what’s in and what’s out in home colors and trends. But before you go rushing out to turn your house upside down and inside out, there are some easier ways to stay on trend and up to date with your home decor. This year includes mix and matching patterns, matte finished appliances that will make you drool and have you considering faux finishes for the first time. From changing your wall color to simply changing your throw pillows and accessories; the biggest thing to remember before buying into a trend – is which ones are you going to love long term and which ones are you are going to be tired of in six months to a year.


Mixed Patterns

Why choose just one pattern, when there’s so much out there to pick from? But you want it to look good – not like someone threw paint all over your furniture and walked away. The key is to make sure the colors are complimentary. So go bold and pair stripes with polka dots, throw in a solid color here and there and watch your room go from pretty to spectacular.


Plush Textures

Everything has texture, and by using plush textures you can accentuate the beauty of your living space. Plush textures in materials like velvet, cotton and suede absorb light and allow it to visually spread. Make your new mirror pop with a hint of velvet or a plush couch; use a pleated bedspread to soften the hard textures in your bedroom, plush textures not only makes your home more comfortable, it makes it more visually pleasing.


Raw White Accessories

Raw white accessories add a sense of shabby chic to your home. Chalky white, bone white and milk glass add texture and a sense of primitive whimsy to a home. Vases, frames – the sky is the limit to what accessories you can decorate with.


Matte Appliance Finishes

Most homes come with those shiny fixtures; door knobs, drawer pulls, faucets – all are shiny. But for very little you could change those out to cool matte finished fixtures and appliances. Refrigerators, range tops, microwaves and coffee pots – everything is available in matte finish, and it’s a nice reason to update those older appliances.


Artisanal Accessory Items vs. DIY

Ever since Pinterest DIY has been the way to go for many people; sadly, not everyone is crafty, as proved by the many hilarious Pinterest fail memes circulating the internet. Doing it yourself is time consuming, sometimes expensive, and not always guaranteed to produce the results you want. However, finding an artist whose style you like does guarantee you the look you want. A great site to search for these artists is Etsy. There are also tons of specialty shops where you can find your perfect pieces.


Jewel Tones

Jewel tones give you the chance to think of your home as a giant jewelry box. Adding your favorite gem color to a wall or a large piece of furniture adds personality and warmth to a room. You could also accessorize in these bold colors, making your throw pillows, frames and other accessories really pop.


Navy is the New Black

Black is a safe color: it goes with everything, it’s easy to find, but that might be just the reason to stay away from it. Navy is the new black, and it serves the same purpose of creating a dark base that will work with multiple other colors and accessories.


Fold up items

A huge space-saver in a home are fold up items. You don’t have to live in a studio apartment to want more space in your home. Retractable hoods, murphy beds, accordion folders for paperwork in your office – there are endless items available that save space and still look nice in the home.


Docking Stations

WiFi allows you to have a mobile office and work nearly anywhere, but you’ve always got to have a place to charge your electronics. These days there are plenty of docking stations that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. You can turn a nook in the living room into a home office without taking away from the general décor and flow of the room.