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Chip’s Tips: Room to Grow

Consider creatively using spaces in your home for different purposes at various stages.   By Chip Wade   New parents spend months planning the perfect baby nursery and what does that baby do?  As soon as the pastel paint is dry, she is on her way to walking and talking. The peaceful, muted tones form a calm backdrop to a hurricane of toys and the next thing you know, you’ve got a big kid trading out the stuffed animals for technology, trophies and homework. “The days are long but the years are short.” – Gretchen Rubin This is the current [...]

Reno Plan

  Consider all of your options for financing your dream home renovations.   By Sonja Bullard You’ve pinned your favorite décor, sorted through swatches, picked from paint chips, and viewed hours of HGTV programming to perfect your home renovation plan. Your next step is to determine your budget, then figure out how to pay for it! Creativity in financing your renovations is as important as the creativity in your plans to renovate your home. No worries if you do not have cash on hand for your project. Luckily, there are several financing options available to you. Credit Cards: One easy [...]

Blunt Force Injury to the eye can cause Traumatic Hyphema

By Cassandra Baker, Milan Eye Center   Blunt force injuries to the eye can range from very minor to visually threatening. They are typically from projectile objects that hit a portion of the eye not protected by the bony orbital rim or hit the eye at high speeds: rocks, paint balls, toys, balls, fists, airbags, bungee cords, etc. Blunt eye trauma due to physical injury, can lead to damage to the iris and ocular drainage structures. When this happens, an internal eye bleed can occur, called a hyphema. A hyphema is the presence of blood in the anterior chamber of [...]

The Gathering Place

I hope you find yourself at one of these tables, and that you put people you love around it to share a meal and share life together. By Reverend Jordan Thrasher   After graduating college and before attending seminary I had to do a lot of things I had never done before, having only lived at home and in dorms so far in my life. I was moving into an apartment near Emory with my cousin and we set about to the work of furnishing it. A simple task at first thought, we divided furniture responsibilities up amongst ourselves. We [...]

Kid Care Expo

Kid Care Expo When it comes to your children’s health do you get confused, overwhelmed and anxious? You are not alone, most parents are unsure of the first steps they should take after having a baby. I bet you would love it if you could get all the various healthcare options together in one place at one time to ask the questions you need. Well on August 19, 2017 your wish is coming true at the Kid Care Expo. The first event of its kind in Forsyth County, both primary care physicians and specialists will be there to meet with [...]


Community News and Events   Cumming Memorial Park BBQ Fundraiser September 9, 11am-3pm Cumming Fairgrounds Covered Arena To honor those who served this country and to educate our youth, we offer a community park which is in need of an overhaul. The Forsyth County Patriots Alliance (FCPA) is having a fundraising BBQ event on September 9th at the Cumming Fairgrounds.  Come and enjoy a free BBQ lunch and the day with your friends and family. There will be fun activities for kids and adults including face painting, Lona Ice, bouncy house, silent auction, vendors, games and music. Tickets are $10, [...]

Don’t be Left Without

Servicing and Maintaining your Heating and Air can save you time and money.   By Taylor Hughes, Arctic Circle Air   Georgia summers are sizzling, and winters can be unforgivingly frigid, the last thing you want is for your equipment to break down on you. Heating and air isn’t the sexiest thing to discuss when it comes to your home, but if it were to have a mechanical failure, you’d be left in a panic trying to figure out who to call and what to do. In the hottest of days and the coldest of nights’ companies can quickly become [...]

Modern Rustic

  What is this design hybrid all about? By Tiffany Norris   Right now I’m in the middle of a whole house renovation, which translates into every floor, tile and paint sample known to man liters my living room floor. Beyond the simple idea of does this color go with that one, I’ve been trying to figure out what my style is. Am I farmhouse, modern, traditional, eclectic, or this or that? My mind spins with the choices and the styles. Lately, the phrase “modern rustic” has been making the rounds and it has me intrigued. Could this hybrid design [...]

Fall Family Outings

Apples, Pumpkins, Festivals and Fairs By Sarah Johnson   Fall is right around the corner! In Cumming, that means crisp air, colorful leaves to spice up your Sawnee Mountain hikes and walks on the Greenway, and weekends packed with family-friendly festivals and activities. It’s the perfect time of year to head to North Georgia to pick apples and pumpkins, go for a hayride and even meander in a giant sunflower field.   Apple Pickin’ Take the family on a day trip to North Georgia for some apple pickin’ fun! Hillcrest Orchards and B.J. Reece are located down the road from [...]

Children’s Hospital of Atlanta

Sports Motion Analysis Using Dartfish motion technology to film athletes in motion, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is helping young athletes to prevent potential injuries and excel in their field.   By Kim Williamson   Today’s youth have so many athletic opportunities available to them – recreation and community leagues, travel and elite teams, intramurals, all in addition to traditional school teams. Once upon a time, you swung a whiffle ball in the backyard with your dad until you were old enough to play Little League; today’s baseball enthusiasts can start as early as 3 and if you’re really serious, you [...]