Atlanta Motorsports Park Unveiled

Dawsonville, GA Motor Sports Country Club Will Create New Jobs,  Millions in Tax Revenue, and a First-of-its-Kind Driving Course

ALPHARETTA, GA - Motorsports enthusiasts in Greater Atlanta could soon have an exclusive, private road course to drive their high performance vehicles - without needing radar detectors or worrying about who might be in their rear view mirrors.    That's the concept behind Atlanta Motorsports Park, a private motorsports country club development unveiled by company officials today in Alpharetta.  "This will be just like a golf country club," said Founder Jeremy Porter, "But instead of making tee times, our members will be making lap times."

While Georgia is well-known for its racing history and its numerous race tracks, Atlanta Motorsports Park promises to be something completely unique in several ways.   First, there will be no spectator events, so the Park will not create traffic or crowding issues for Dawsonville.  Second, the Club will voluntarily adhere to noise limits, out of respect for its neighbors.  Perhaps most important to drivers, the nearly three mile Le Mans-style driving course will look and drive like no other in the world.

"We'll have two straight-aways that are each nearly two thousand feet long," said Porter, a Cumming, Georgia resident.  "And our road course can be configured fifteen different ways, with the ability to run three separate events at the same time.   There is no other road course in the world that will be as exciting and ever-changing as Atlanta Motorsports Park."

"I am very excited to see Atlanta Motorsports Park becoming a reality," said Atlanta's own racing champion, David Murry.  "The format of an exclusive membership club is a proven success.  This has been in the planning stage for quite some time and that investment in time should prove beneficial. I think it will be a great opportunity for members to enjoy an exciting while relaxing atmosphere with exotic automobiles and other member privileges."

In addition to a world-class driving course, Atlanta Motorsports Park will offer several member amenities, such as a 10,000 square foot clubhouse with private lockers and shower facilities, wide screen high-definition televisions, a members-only lounge with leather furnishings and biometric fingerprint access, and a patio that overlooks the road course.  When not driving or enjoying the clubhouse, members could relax in the pool, venture out on a hiking trail, or serve up a tennis match. To pamper the cars as well as the drivers, private high-tech garages and storage areas for driving trailers will be available for sale and lease.

Additionally, Atlanta Motorsports Park will feature private homes along the driving course, shops with high performance driving gear, an on-site fueling station, a convenience store, and an Adirondack-style lodge. It's a true mixed-use project that has been welcomed by Town and County economic development officials.

According to an October1, 2008 Dawson Community News article, Charlie  Auvermann, Executive Director of the Development Authority of Dawson County, ‘...has worked with Porter for several months to bring the project to Dawson County and agrees the development is good not only for the area, but also for the economy.  "The initial project itself would bring in about a $4 million tax boost to the county in the next eight to 10 years," Auvermann said.'

Steve Holder, the Planning Director of Dawsonville, also endorsed the project in the Dawson Community News story, stating, ‘"This is a quality project that will be beneficial to the city of Dawsonville and Dawson County."'   Approximately 25 new jobs will be created by the country club alone, while the shops, restaurants and lodging facilities will create even more.

Porter said Dawsonville is an ideal location for a motorsports country club.  "Our research shows that Greater Atlanta is among the most affluent areas in America, and there are more high performance automobile owners in Forsyth, Lumpkin and Dawson counties than most parts of the country."

Interest in Atlanta Motorsports Park has been so strong that Porter was forced to pull down the project's website a month ago because he was receiving more inquiries than he was prepared to process at the time.   In addition, he has had to triple the size of Thursday evening's invitation-only launch party for prospective members.

Atlanta Motorsports Park memberships will be offered to individuals, families and corporations at several levels.   Diamond Memberships, the highest level, will be sold to families and individuals at $35,000 during pre-construction ($50,000 after opening). Diamond Members will have access to the Club during 180 out of 180 days annually and pay no monthly dues or daily fees for life.    Platinum Memberships will cost $15,000 during pre-construction, offer access 120 out of 180 days, and require no monthly dues or daily fees for two years.   A Tungsten Membership, at $7,000, will offer access to the Club on 60 days, with monthly dues of $150 and daily use fees of $30.    Corporate memberships are also available at the Diamond, Platinum and Tungsten levels.   Full details on all memberships are available at

Other features that will make Atlanta Motorsports Park unique are its commitment to being a community resource and its pledge to be an environmentally sensitive development.   For the Community, Atlanta Motorsports Park will offer safe driving programs for teens and law enforcement professionals.   It will open its facilities to the community for Church and charitable events, and it will allow walkers and bicyclists to use the road course after driving hours.   With respect to being sensitive to the environment, Atlanta Motorsports Park will seek LEED certification for all applicable buildings in the park.   It will incorporate a reclaimed water system to irrigate landscaping and flush toilets, and a state-of-the-art storm water management system to mitigate potential impacts to the environment.  Atlanta Motorsports Park will also utilize renewable energy sources such as solar power and install energy saving appliances, outlets, and smart-switch technologies.

Proposed for approximately 200 acres in Dawsonville, with an option to purchase another 300 acres, the Atlanta Motorsports Park project is currently under review by City planners, who will be recommending a zoning change to allow the project to move forward.   Atlanta Motorsports Park anticipates breaking ground in Spring, 2009.

For additional information about Atlanta Motorsports Park, please contact Scott Tranchemontagne at , (603) 644-3200 X15 or Matt Hagerty at, (603) 644-3200.




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