Prolink Volleyball Club - Fall Volleyball League

This League is a great option for beginners to more experienced players who may not have an opportunity to play on a school volleyball team. Players will be divided by skill level in order to create an environment that will encourage improvement, motivate and challenge each player. The League will focus on development of the basic volleyball fundamentals: passing, setting, blocking, hitting, serving, and defense, as well as team concepts through instruction and game play.

Initial focus will be primarily dedicated to teaching and developing these skills. After several sessions, teams will be formed and tournament-style play will begin. "The League" will conclude with a tournament championship, with prizes being awarded to The League Champs!

Each athlete will receive a t-shirt. Registration is required.

Training Location, Registration and Information: Check out our website at

League Schedule - August 15 - October 12, Mon & Wed, 7-9pm

Cost: $175



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